Brigid's Blog: Making a Difference on Appraisals

There has been so much energy and many developments recently in Austin around property tax fairness.

Here is a recap:

At the city council voteOn 6/10, many of us were at the Travis County Commission meeting where they voted on challenging the unfair valuation of commercial property in the county. They ultimately decided not to challenge, but instead to study the issue of unequal commercial appraisals and work with others to look for remedies at the state legislature. Read more here.

Then on late 6/12/early 6/13 (3:30 a.m. to be exact), the Austin City Council unanimously voted to investigate commercial property valuations and gear up for a challenge to them next year.The City Council also agreed to lobby for public disclosure on sales prices at the legislature since that would help appraisers more fairly determine property values. Read more here.

Let’s look at the big picture. The momentum we created has prompted greater awareness of the issue and a commitment from Travis County Commissioners AND the Austin City Council to take action on the issue. This is big news!

We have spoken loud and clear and have made our elected officials, opinion makers, and local press pay attention.

We are one step closer to fairness in Travis County and across the state.

Help us keep up the great work, sign our petition to the state legislature and sign up to volunteer!

For more information you can join the conversation at:

Twitter: @RealValuesforTX

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