I am almost three years into my first term as Precinct 2 County Commissioner.   I'm proud of what we've accomplished in this short time. From fighting for affordability, ethics reform, stretching our water supply and reducing taxes, to holding the toll road authority accountable and increasing our community preparedness for floods and wildfires, I believe I'm in the right place at the right time.

Let's continue this work together!


Thanks for electing 25 years of experience to the Travis County Commissioners Court!

As Commissioner, Brigid is committed to: 

Property Tax Reform

Travis County’s tax appraisal system is broken. Homeowners and small businesses are bearing the brunt of an unfair process. Brigid will work to fix that process. Sign my petition to close the loophole that has broken the system here. Read more here.

Curbing Wasteful Spending

Brigid favors smart, strategic economic development incentives. She opposes unnecessary subsidies. She will work to stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

Creating Communities that Thrive

When Austin families flee to the suburbs, the city’s middle-class base is jeopardized. Brigid will advocate for more affordable housing across the community.

Protecting Our Resources

Our hot, dry region is under threat of wildfire. We are losing our water supply. Brigid will propose innovative water conservation techniques and wildfire prevention programs.

Join the growing number of Travis County residents who support Brigid Shea for County Commissioner.



Sen. Kirk Watson Endorses Brigid

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