A Victory for Austin Workers

We want to thank the city for doing the right thing for the hard working laborers of Austin! Last night the Austin City Council approved new economic incentive rules, bringing a new level of fairness to deals made with companies wishing to move to Austin. With the city of Austin giving SO much public money to big companies, it is only right those companies pay their employees a living wage. Congratulations to all the organizations and individuals who have been fighting to bring living wages to the city.  

Brigid, who has been an advocate for fair wage requirements since her time on city council, had this to say in reaction to last nights vote: 

"We give away so much money to large corporations coming to Austin--the least we can do as part of that bargain is require them to pay their workers a living wage.  I pushed for a similar requirement for city projects when I was on the City Council.  I'm glad to see that this fair wage requirement is now part of the city's incentive policy." 

As Travis County Commissioner Brigid will continue to lead the push for policies that keep Austin livable for ALL its residents. She is in agreement with Gregorio Casar of the Worker’s Defense Project who believes we need “policies like this to turn our economy around. This is historic policy that can be looked at on a national level; policy we can start spreading to other Texas cities." Travis County has the potential to be a national example on many different policies; it is going to take strong leaders like Brigid to turn that potential in to a reality. 

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