Brigid is My Valentine

Happy Valentines day to you and yours! I wanted to take a few minutes to share the Brigid I know with you.

brigidfam.jpgBrigid and I first met a quarter century ago, both of us involved in environmental activism.  In the years since, we have lived through many changes - Brigid serving on the City Council, raising two boys, seeing Austin grow at an ever faster pace, and now a candidate for the Travis County Commissioners Court.

One thing that has NOT changed is Brigid's commitment to her community and her passion for public service. Since I first met her, she has never hesitated to step forward to right a wrong or give a voice to those that have none.   Public service may seem old-fashioned to some, but right now it is needed more than ever.

Many people are familiar only with Brigid's work in preserving Austin's water quality.  But that is only a part of who she is.  Brigid also . . . 

  • Is an award-winning radio journalist
  • Worked in the nuclear freeze movement
  • Traveled to the former Yugoslavia on a fact-finding mission for Amnesty International
  • Sponsored health coverage for domestic partners of city employees, paving the way for Travis County to do the same
  • Began the removal of the Holly power plant from an East Austin neighborhood
  • Helped start Austin on the path to aggressive water conservation

But social activism is only one facet of Brigid.  As a council member she made a priority that taxpayers receive the most services for tax dollars spent.  After leaving the council she continued that work on the Austin Clean Water Project, a massive overhaul of the city's wastewater system that was finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

As the spouse of a candidate and elected official, I will be the first to admit that public service is not easy - there have been stumbles and setbacks along the way.  But touching the lives of others makes it all worthwhile, and I am fortunate to have shared in Brigid's life work. 

When we discussed the prospect of her running for Precinct 2, I had only one request - that if elected she try to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of Travis County residents.  Based on her past record, I have no doubt that she will succeed.      

So to Brigid: Happy Valentine and much love from someone that both loves you, and loves what you do!

And to you: have a wonderful Valentines day with those who matter most to you!



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