Brigid Shea Reiterates Support for Background Checks for Gun Show

Brigid Shea Reiterates Support for Background Checks for Gun Show 

January 7, 2014 — Austin, Texas — Reiterating her stance on the importance of background checks for gun sales, Candidate for Precinct 2 Travis County Commissioner, Brigid Shea urged the Travis County Commissioners Court to require all persons selling guns at the Saxet Gun Show to conduct background checks in order to have their contract with Travis County renewed. This is not the first time Shea has publicly spoken in support of this requirement, emphasizing this position during the KUT candidate forum last month. 

Said Shea: “We have to have background checks. Gun Shows currently do not have to conduct background checks to complete a sale. I think that is profoundly wrong and urge the Court to include a provision in their contract requiring background checks for all individuals purchasing guns at the show should they decide to renew the contract.” 

Currently Federal law requires dealers to conduct background checks while private dealers at gun shows are not required to. Shea believes that any gun show conducted on public property should require all sellers, private or otherwise, to conduct background checks before completing a firearm sale. “I don’t understand why reasonable people wouldn’t want background checks on anyone buying guns,” said Shea. 


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