Brigid Shea’s Campaign Releases Fundraising Information

Brigid Shea’s Campaign Releases Fundraising Information

Report Demonstrates Breadth and Depth of Support for Shea

January 14, 2014 — Austin, Texas — Continuing her call to end politics as usual, Travis County Commission Candidate Brigid Shea announced she had raised another $100 thousand in the latest fundraising period, some of it coming from former political opponents. Since the start of the campaign Shea has raised more than $200,000 from over 450 donors.

“From the beginning I’ve said this campaign is a big tent. My contributors range from former political opponents to environmentalists and many in between. With so many important issues to work on in the community, we can’t afford to let ourselves be divided over personal disagreements. It’s crucial we have a civil dialogue and pursue opportunities to work together,” said Shea. 

Former political opponent Mark Littlefield, who worked for Mayor Leffingwell’s re-election campaign, has lined up behind Shea. “Even though I opposed Brigid when she ran for Mayor, we have made peace. I think Brigid’s ability to set past differences aside is part of why she is such a good leader and why I am supporting her, even volunteering on her campaign.” 

Shea was careful to point out that just because former opponents are supporting her does not mean she has changed her positions. “To be clear, I have not changed my stripes just as they have not changed theirs. I still feel very passionately that we must protect the environment. But it's crucial we have a civil dialogue and are able to speak to one another. There may or may not be opportunities for us to work together, but there is certainly no place for demonizing each other and engaging in the politics of revenge.” 


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