Brigid Voices Support for Ruling Declaring Texas’ Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Brigid Shea welcomed today’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia that Texas’ ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Shea has been an advocate for LGBT rights for years. While on the Austin City Council in the 90’s, Shea pushed to create city employee domestic partner benefits, including same-sex couples. 

Commenting on the ruling, Shea said, “It’s about time Texas caught up with Utah on LGBT rights!  I’m thankful to live in Austin, where our city and county governments have been at the forefront of the gay rights movement in Texas for over 2 decades. Today’s ruling lays the groundwork for equal rights across the Lone Star state.”

While today’s ruling is a big step in the right direction, Shea cautioned a stay has been issued, meaning the ban on same-sex marriages in Texas will remain in place for the time being. “I am hopeful the 5th Circuit, upon appeal, will reaffirm today’s ruling by Judge Garcia. Our country was founded on the principal that we are all equal under the law, end of discussion. I expect our Federal Courts will uphold this principal and expand the rights afforded heterosexual couples to our gay brothers and sisters.”

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