Help Your Community This Weekend

Virginia Roberts is a volunteer for Brigid's campaign

My name is Virginia Roberts. I’m a mathematical physicist consultant and instructor by trade, but I spend a lot of my personal time volunteering for worthy causes.

This weekend, the worthy cause that calls for my time is helping victims of the recent flooding in the Austin community.

There were more than 1,100 homes affected by the recent heavy rains. Homeowners need our help. With this in mind, I have helped organize the I <3 ATX Flood Relief Clean Up and I urge you to come out and volunteer with me. It would be fantastic if 1,100 people--one person for each home touched by the disaster--came out to volunteer.

I live in the Hyde Park area. My home--which backs up to Waller Creek--was flooded in 1996. I was devastated. When your home floods, you lose precious photographs, books--all sorts of other possessions that have sentimental value. Your property is destroyed, you are stunned by the sudden disaster, and you don’t know where to begin to try and recover. Volunteers can come in and help give you a sense of direction. I was fortunate enough to have flood insurance and 20 friends who came over to help me clean up. Without them, I would have been a wreck.

So, here’s what you can do. Log in to Facebook and click here for a link to the I <3 ATX Flood Relief Clean Up event. Join us, and invite your friends to join us! Bring what you can, everything from flat shovels, sheet rock, face masks, leather gloves, box cutters, and hammers, to safety goggles, trash bags and bleach (for mold control.) If you can’t bring anything, just come out with a willing desire to help.

Let’s show how strong our community is!

Thank you for reading!


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