Is the government shutdown affecting you?

My name is Joe Emmons and I’m the Field Director for the Brigid Shea Democrat for County Commissioner Campaign.

Brigid knows my mother has been directly affected by the Republican-led shutdown of our government. She asked me to share my thoughts with you this morning. 

They say the three most difficult experiences in one’s life are the loss of a loved one, a divorce, and losing a job. Well, my mother has been employed by the federal government for the past seven years and she has been experiencing the threat of losing her job ever since 2010, and it has had absolutely nothing to do with her performance.

The government shutdown is not just Capitol Hill drama; it’s about a lot of hardworking Americans. It’s about a lot of people who chose a line of work they believed in, not because of the money it would bring them, but because of their sense of duty to the country.

Because of her sense of duty, my mother left a job that gave her 100% medical, dental and vision coverage to work for the government which only offered her 50% medical, and no dental and vision coverage.

Now, a faction of that same government has decided she is “non-essential”.  The House GOP just forced my parents, who are mere years away from qualifying for retirement, into being a single income family. 

It feels like betrayal. When speaking about the shutdown, my mother says it best: 

“I hope what you take away from this is that we must elect the right leaders," she says. "We must take part in our political process, and we must hold accountable those who freely abuse the very people who elected them in order to promote their own agenda.”

Brigid Shea wants you to know she gets that the government shutdown might be affecting you just as much as it’s affecting me! In the comments section below, we’d like to know how the shutdown is affecting your livelihood. Share your experience with us. 

It’s why I support Brigid. Because she cares. I ask you to support us, too! It’s a beautiful day for a block walk! Come join me by signing up here.

There are three ways you can keep our government moving in the right direction: Stand up.  Be counted.  Take part.

Thank you for reading!

Joe Emmons

Field Director, Brigid Shea Democrat for County Commissioner



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