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My name is Julie Wickert. I’m a home-town Austin girl and a small business owner. I’m also privileged to be among Brigid Shea’s many friends here in Austin. One day, Brigid and I were talking about work and career. I learned then that her guiding principle in making career decisions is to always seek the spot where she can make the biggest difference. I first observed this principle in action when Brigid came to Austin to join (and help lead!) the fight to protect and preserve the jewel of my childhood—Barton Springs. The resulting passage of the Save Our Springs (SOS) Ordinance in 1992 is, I believe, what allows us to continue to enjoy the sparkling waters in the heart of our city.

Since those early, scrappy days, Brigid has kept her steady focus on preserving what’s best about Central Texas. With her strong consensus-building skills, her grasp of the problems Travis County faces and how to tackle them, and her energetic commitment to making a difference, I think Brigid will make an excellent Travis County Commissioner for Precinct 2. 

Brigid Shea certainly has my support and my vote! 

Thanks! - Julie

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