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Kristin FineKristin Fine

Campaign Manager

Fine, a native of Dallas, made it to Austin in 2010 by way of a number of political pit stops in places like Ohio, Washington, D.C., and Iowa. As President of the Tulane College Democrats in New Orleans, Fine organized hundreds of students from across the country to help rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. She later transferred to American University in Washington, D.C. where she earned a degree in political science and in 2006 was elected National Political Affairs Director for the College Democrats of America. In addition to working as Assistant to the Executive Director of the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee, Fine worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign for president as Field Organizer in Des Moines. She was Canvass Director for the AFL-CIO in Canton, OH, before returning to Texas to work as Field Director for State Rep. Diana Maldonado’s re-election campaign in Round Rock, and Field Manager for the Texas Campaign for the Environment. Currently, Fine is a member of the Front Line Leaders Academy which offers a development program each year for 20 select young Progressives from around the country who are interested in civic leadership.

For Fine, managing Brigid Shea’s campaign is an around-the-clock endeavor, but also a labor of love that fuels her passion to make a difference. “I like going to bed at night knowing I’ve done my best to make a positive change in the world,” she says. “That’s so cheesy, but it’s totally true. If I’m going to be tired, it may as well be for something amazing!”

In her spare time, Fine loves hanging out with her standard poodle, Simmi, the Brigid Shea campaign mascot, and, according to Fine, “the best dog in the whole world.”

You can reach Fine at [email protected] and read more about her participation in the Front Line Leaders Academy at .

William Hughes

Will Hughes

Communications Director/ Deputy Campaign Manager 

Hughes, a State College, PA. native, moved to Austin In October 2013 to head the communications arm of the Brigid Shea campaign. Hughes graduated from Penn State in 2010 with a degree in political science and in 2009 studied the politics of European Integration at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. In January 2008, Hughes co-founded Penn State Students for Barack Obama who registered over 7,000 students for the April primary. He began his professional career in politics as a field organizer and deputy director of new media for the 2008 Obama campaign in Indiana. In 2010, Hughes managed Michael Pipe’s run for U.S. Representative in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District and was advisor to Pipe as he ran for and served as Centre County, PA. Commissioner from 2011 to 2013. Hughes also spent a year teaching 8th grade social studies in Memphis. 

For Hughes, political work is about fostering freedom and equal opportunity. “I had a very fortunate childhood with two educated, affluent parents,” Hughes says. “I went to a really good public school, had great health care -- all that. And I believe those are things everyone should have access to. A lot of people don’t get those chances. It’s why I got into progressive politics -- to make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.” 

When Hughes isn’t crafting press releases, sending out campaign emails or executing his next media outreach strategy, you might find him catching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse or listening to music from his favorite bands.

You can reach Hughes at [email protected].

Joe Emmons

Joe Emmons

Field Director

A native of Portland, Emmons’ political career began with a congressional internship in Washington, D.C. soon after graduating from the University of Oregon, where he studied Sociology. In the fall of 2010 he worked as part of a Portland-based coordinated campaign that included house and senate positions at both the state and federal level which resulted in a 100% success rate. Emmons began canvassing for Clean Water Action in San Francisco, working his way up to Field Manager while occasionally acting as a volunteer lobbyist. After a successful internship with Clean Water Action DC, lobbying in the US Senate, Emmons accepted a position in the Austin Clean Water office in July of 2012 where he split his time between performing legislative work and canvassing.

Emmons possesses an unstoppable drive to rally the community to steadily participate in the political process. “It’s about getting people activated and involved,” he says. “Wins are great, but you don’t get them unless you earn the support of the community. My mission is to turn voters out by showing them that they are taking part in something significant.”

In his free time, Emmons enjoys camping, eating Texas barbecue, watching football (“Go Ducks!”), and exploring Austin’s music and microbrewing communities with friends.

You can reach Emmons at [email protected].

Kristian Caballero


Field Organizer

Caballero, an El Paso native, graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2009 with a degree in Political Science and Legal Reasoning. Since graduating, Caballero has worked as a paralegal for various Austin-area law firms while simultaneously building her stature as an independent activist and community organizer. She collectively works with other community organizers in an effort to address social, environmental, and economic issues. Most recently, Caballero organized several marches and advocated against HB2--anti-abortion law which places restrictions on women and reproductive health care--and she worked as a field organizer for the Keep Austin Affordable campaign which successfully won voter approval for the Affordable Housing Bond.

Caballero is passionate about making a difference, “even on the smallest scale,” she says. “There is, of course, the ambition to make a difference on a global scale, but I have realized you can make a difference wherever you are. Even if it’s one person at a time.”

When not valiantly trying to save the world, Caballero enjoys advocating for the arts by supporting the many creative, performance and fine artists in her life.

You can reach Caballero at [email protected] 

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