Mondays with Brigid: The Women Who Inspire Me

It’s been said it’s a man’s world. And history is filled with examples of successful men. Still, so many women have made phenomenal strides, many against great odds.

Eleanor Roosevelt expressed it most eloquently when she said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I marvel at all the many women who have risen to the occasion in the face of great difficulty.

This week, I celebrate the fortitude of women, and honor those who have inspired me in both my personal and professional journeys. 

Women like the tenacious First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The venerable Governor Ann Richards is certainly at the top of my list. I also honor Susan B. Anthony who fought tirelessly to win women’s right to vote.

1267004_522073207881620_1700471002_o.jpgSen. Wendy  Davis is also a remarkable woman. I so admire her courage and determination. It must have taken tremendous strength to persevere as a single mom at 19 years old, to go to college, to get into Harvard Law School. She had to have enormous perseverance. Wendy would go on to serve on city council in Ft. Worth, and later run for the TX Senate--even getting reelected despite Republican gerrymandering of her district.  

And then, for Wendy to literally stand up on the floor of the senate to filibuster an unjust law. It was an electrifying experience to be there at the Capitol and to witness what Wendy did. And now, she is willing to put herself on the line to run for Texas governor.

After the primary, in addition to my race, I will do whatever I can to help Wendy get elected as our next governor.

So many strong women have inspired me and I aim to be this kind of inspiration for women who follow me. I have taken strong stances on the protection of the environment over the years and I have weathered more than my share of attacks. But, I believe it is important to stand for something and be willing to fight for it.

I am honored to have the support of so many remarkable women all across our community. To find out who they are, I invite you to come to my Women for Brigid event tonight. There is no shortage of strong-willed women in Austin, Travis County and the state of Texas. We are a force to be reckoned with! Together, we can bring about the kind of real change we need in our communities.

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you tonight.


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