Nelson Linder is for Brigid!

Brigid with Nelson and his son.It’s a rare occasion when I come out to endorse a candidate, so let me tell you why I am endorsing Brigid Shea for Travis County Commissioner. This city is at a crossroads, there are a lot of folks here of all races and cultures and we are being left out. We need folks who do have integrity, who can’t be bought and paid for, who will stand firm and talk about the issues that affect our city, Brigid Shea is that person. In fact right now, one of our biggest issues is police misconduct. Brigid didn’t have to address that issues, but she called me and talked with me about it. That is so rare. Which tells me she’s very sincere, committed and capable. I am very proud to add my name to her list of supporters. 

This city is at a crossroads right now; if we don’t elect good people who care about other people, who have integrity, who want to address these issues that affect everyone and not just some people, we are going to be in trouble. I am proud to support Brigid Shea, because we need folks on every level now to express themselves, to address these bigger issues. It doesn’t matter what she is, her voice will certainly bring folks to the table, like myself. I look forward to be helping any way possible. So I want to wish Brigid best of luck, you are going to make this a better city, a more inclusive city based on equity, justice and opportunity for everybody.

Nelson Linder is the Austin NAACP Chapter President

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