Notes From My Campaign Kick-off

The grassroots kick-off of my race for County Commissioner with the North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods was absolutely great! I was thrilled to see so many new faces along with lots of familiar ones.  It couldn’t have been a more beautiful morning, before the heat began to take hold.

Special thanks to longtime friend Bill Glass, an environmental engineer and energy efficiency advocate, for hosting us in his home with its lovely backyard and garden. 

Thanks to all those who helped in so many different ways to make the event a success. I was truly moved by both the turnout, and the amount of people who brought food, drink or supplies.

Also thank you to neighborhood leaders Mary Rudig and Craig Nazor for speaking in support of me in their wonderful introductions. My good friend Daniel Llanes contributed music to the event, playing beautiful guitar and flute.

Our campaign is off to a great start with the support of these powerfully organized neighborhoods in North Austin and the breadth of support from residents of Precinct 2 and the county at large.  The location was partially chosen because Bill lives in North Austin, where the North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods has been extremely effective in engaging its residents and advancing public policy. They truly are a great example of civic participation.

We also had great success in launching our grassroots volunteer program.  Of around 100 attendees at the event, nearly half signed up to volunteer for my campaign in some capacity. We’ll begin our volunteer orientations in mid-July and make sure to watch for fantastic news when the first fundraising report comes out around the same time.

With my speech I tried to highlight my major campaign themes, such as working to keep Travis County affordable, pushing for greater water conservation in the face of our historic drought and  pursuing a plan to create the best community wildfire preparedness program in the nation.

I had a wonderful time and I hope everyone who came out did as well.  If you were able to make it, thank you! I hope you had fun and I’ll see you at more events soon.   Be sure to Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check back to this website for more updates on the campaign.  Stay cool and stay in touch.

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