Shea Announces Diverse Endorsements

Austin- Demonstrating the strength of her campaign and her "Big Tent" approach to her County Commission race, former City Council member Brigid Shea unveiled powerful endorsements from State Senator Kirk Watson, former TX Ag Commissioner, Jim Hightower, former Senator Gonzalo Barrientos, NAACP head Nelson Linder, former State Rep Ann Kitchen, current AISD Chair, Vince Torres, environmental leader Robin Rather, Hispanic community leader Paul Saldana and many others at her packed HQ grand opening Sunday.

Watson, who Shea described as "a true force of nature in state and local politics" had high praise for Shea.  Calling her "my dear friend", Watson said he was supporting Shea because "she is one of the most loyal public servants we've seen in Travis County."  He said "we can count on her to protect our quality of life..and work on behalf of the people in a transparent, open way."   Watson's video taped endorsement of Shea was sweeping: "We need someone who knows the history of the community but who is also willing to be a visionary and creative to make sure our quality of life ten years from now is the quality of life that caused us all to want to stay here and call this place home--I believe that my friend Brigid Shes is that kind of candidate and will be that kind of commissioner." 

Hightower, who has known Shea for 25 years used his trademark humor in his praise for Shea.  "She's smarter than a tree full of owls and tougher than a pig snout." Hightower, who is America's leading populist voice, gave his stamp of approval to Shea in a video endorsement," We need a County Commissioner who’lll stand up to the powers-that-be on behalf of the powers-that-ought-to-be; ordinary workday people, the small business people, the average Joe and Jane in our community, and that person is Brigid Shea in Precinct 2."

Speaking at the open house, former State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos, a tireless advocate for full and fair representation, said  he doesn’t usually endorse in local races, but he felt "compelled to be with Brigid Shea”.  Barrientos stated his reasons simply, “Qualifications and experience! We’re looking for candidates who can get the job done.”  He added, “This is not her first rodeo.  This is not some kind of on-the-job practice.  This is not any rehearsal.  She’s been there, done that, and I've seen it.  I’ve worked with her from the House and from the Texas Senate.”    

Nelson Linder, local NAACP head, said he also rarely endorses, but is supporting Shea  because  “We need folks who do have integrity.  Who can’t be bought and paid for, who will stand firm, and talk about the issues that affect this city. Brigid Shea is that person.” Linder said,  “I’m excited by being here today. I look forward to being helpful in every way possible, and I want to say best of luck.  You are going to win.  And making this a better city, a more inclusive city, and also based on equity, and justice and opportunity for everybody.”   

Former State Rep, Ann Kitchen, who is chair of the Liveable City Board, credited Shea with starting the conversation and focus on affordability.  "That was Brigid's idea.  It came out of her last campaign and she said we've got to do something about it."  Kitchen said the Liveable City Affordability Summit last weekend grew out of Shea's efforts.


About Brigid Shea
Brigid Shea has been a 25 year resident of Austin and a 12 year resident of the Allandale neighborhood, where she's established herself as a proven reformer with a long record of getting things done. She doesn’t just talk about change, she goes out and works for it.  She is well known for her work to preserve Barton Springs, her successful efforts to stop the sale of Austin’s electric utility in the 90’s, her passage of tough campaign finance reform laws, and her strong opposition to unnecessary public tax subsidies.


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September, 16 2013

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