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6054_1111746998574_2550213_n.jpgI’m Susan Longley. I’m owner of The Longley Group, a consulting firm in Austin. For years, I have enjoyed taking an active part in Texas’ political process as a proud Democratic volunteer and fundraiser. I’m known for having a keen mind for local and state politics. And, like so many of you, I care deeply about the great state of Texas and its capital we have the privilege to call home.

I mention this so that you have a sense of my determination to ensure that the most qualified and dedicated candidates make it into office at every level of Texas government.

I fully support Brigid Shea for Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 2. Brigid and I go way back as two of the many fierce Texas women who have proudly promoted progressive Texas politics. We are as inspired today as we ever were to fight for the Democratic ideals that have always set Austin apart from the rest of the state. Ideals like making Austin affordable for everyone, protecting our precious environment, making sure the voices of women and minorities are heard loudly and clearly, and growing the city’s economy so that hardworking citizens receive just as much benefit from growth as big business.

I have every confidence that Brigid--with her more than two decades-worth of committed public service and governmental leadership to the citizens of Austin and Travis County--will be exactly what is needed on the Travis County Commissioners Court.

For this reason, and many more, Brigid has my vote for Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 2.

Thank you.

Susan Longley

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