The Austin Firefighters Association Endorses Brigid Shea for Travis County Commissioner


Environmental leadership, commitment to wildland disaster preparation key in decision to back Shea

December 11, 2013 — Austin, Texas —Fresh off Brigid Shea’s commanding performance Monday night at the KUT and In Fact Daily debate, the Austin Firefighters Association and their PAC today endorsed Brigid Shea for Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 2.

af1.jpgAccording to Bob Nicks, President of the Austin Firefighters Association, “Brigid impressed us; not only with her command of the issues, but how she approached the issues. She’s not just out to grab votes. She really has done a great job of asking the right questions, setting up meetings with firefighters, and trying to educate the public on the issues of concern to us as firefighters.”

Shea’s broad knowledge of wildland issues and her commitment to prepare the Austin/Travis County community for disaster sets her apart from her opposition, said Nicks. “It’s an issue that is going to require a leader. It needs a leader from the environmental community who can meet with various groups.”

Shea understands the fire danger created by the die-off of our region’s urban forests. The Austin/Travis County area is ranked as a much higher wildfire risk than Bastrop County which was devastated by the fire of 2011. Shea has a proposal to deal with this pressing issue head-on.

“As Travis County Commissioner, I will pursue federal grant money to build on existing programs and draw on our region’s high tech talent to create the best emergency preparedness program in the nation,” she said. “This endorsement bolsters my resolve to do everything in my power to work with our community to minimize threats to our wildlands. As a proven leader in this area, I recognize preparedness will be the difference between life and death of residents and our emergency responders.”

Shea’s proven leadership, first as an elected official, then as a citizen, was also a factor in the association’s choice to support her in this race.

“Brigid is someone who has stayed involved, someone who continues to fight the fight,” Nicks said. “To come back into the public life is very admirable and it certainly weighed heavily with us when we made our endorsement.”

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