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Why Brigid?

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me why I am supporting Brigid and the answer I give is simple: Brigid has been doing the work of this city/county for years. She is a strong leader with extensive experience. She is a champion of many causes near and dear to most Austinites. Her steadfast dedication to the environment, stewardship of Save Our Springs, and leader on other green initiatives speaks volumes about her core values.

Her dedication to the diversity of Austin and Travis County, her ever-open mind, open door and even more open heart allow her to be heralded by many diverse groups all across the county and city. Her record here is simply so strong.

For too long, Travis County issues have gone untested and ignored. The average resident has paid little or no attention to decisions made that impact us all. With Brigid on the Commissioners Court, that will change! Her strength in leadership and powerful voice will resonate, not only in her precinct but also across the entire county. Folks will know Brigid is in the house!

Even on the campaign trail, it is hard to tell that she doesn’t already have the job. She is tireless in her work ethic and is ever-present in the issues that matter today to the ordinary resident. Her campaign is active in all county concerns, and her voice is being heard. Her issues and resolve are steadfast. I can only imagine the impact she will have on the Travis County Commissioners Court and on the city which we all love.

Brigid is a proven reformer, organizer, leader, watchdog and public servant. I am honored to call Brigid my mentor, my friend, and hopefully our next Travis County Commissioner. Please join me in supporting Brigid Shea.

Tina Cannon

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