Brigid Addresses the Commissioners Court

I can’t believe it. This morning the Travis County Commissioners court voted unanimously to support the construction of highway 45 SW. The vote was taken before the completion and release of the environmental impact study on the new road. A study approved by this very same Commissioners Court.  During public comment Commissioner Daugherty was asked what the cost of the new road would be. His response? “We’ll find out.” Unbelievable. 

When my opportunity to comment to the board came I implored, “I don’t think that the solution is to compound the [traffic] problems by building more public infrastructure over our most sensitive watershed. It is an established fact this is one of the most sensitive watersheds in the state of Texas… this community has spoken in so many powerful ways to our elected officials and our entire community that it wants to protect the aquifer and Barton Springs.” 

The requests from myself, and many others, to delay the vote were all but ignored by the court. Without knowing the cost or environmental impact, our elected officials plowed full steam ahead and voted for 45. 

When elected County Commissioner for Precinct 2, I will bring leadership to the court. I demonstrated leadership by being the only candidate for Commissioners court to speak out in court today. When I am elected, I will build on my 25 years of proven leadership in the community. As your Commissioner I will continue fighting to protect our natural resources and quality of life in Travis County. 

I can promise you when I have the privilege of being your Commissioner you will never hear me say "we'll find out" when asked about the cost of a project I've already decided to fund.


If you agree that we need a proven leader on the Travis County Commissioners Court then sign up to volunteer or donate today.

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