War on Women: Why we need to keep showing up

It’s back to the Capitol again today, and even though we already know the outcome, here’s why we shouldn’t lose heart. From the electrifying vigil for Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster, to our powerful orange presence as House Republicans broke rules in their rush to rollback women’s health care, I know our presence makes a difference. As frustrating as it is to watch the Republicans bully their way past Democrats’ legitimate objections and valuable amendments, it is important that we are there. We are witnesses to a terrible time in our state’s history. When might makes right–when bullies win, and when women’s basic rights are denied. Just like the civil rights movement, it’s important that we witness and that we shame them. Then we must get organized.

If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that we need better leadership. When our state is suffering from an epic drought, failing schools and crushing transportation problems, what do the Republicans do? They pick on poor pregnant women who simply want access to decent health care and choices. The only good thing about the Republican’s mangling of the two special sessions is that it has awakened the women of Texas–and they’re furious! Now we all need to register voters and make sure people vote.

Although I was raised Catholic, I have always been an advocate of women’s reproductive rights. I understand there are deep feelings on both sides, but this is a matter of profoundly personal rights. When I served on the Austin City Council, I was a staunch supporter of reproductive services being available thru Brackenridge Hospital. And when anti-choice groups tried to shut them down, I helped lead the effort to maintain those services in our community. If I have the privilege to be your next County Commissioner, you can count on me to defend those rights and make sure that women have access to reproductive health care in our community.

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