Wildfire Preparedness

"Brigid’s broad knowledge of wildland issues and her commitment to prepare the Austin/Travis County community for disaster sets her apart. It’s an issue that is going to require a leader. It needs a leader from the environmental community who can meet with various groups. Brigid is that leader.”- Bob Nicks, President of the Austin Firefighters Association on endorsing Brigid

af1.jpgOur region is experiencing a die-off of our urban forests. We’re piling up huge amounts of tinder that make us extremely vulnerable to wildfires. The Austin/Travis County area is ranked as a much higher wildfire risk than Bastrop County which was devastated by the fire of 2011.

Travis County has 13 different emergency service districts that provide water and fire services throughout the County. However, they all operate independently of each other. Brigid wants to do for community preparedness what Sematech did for the semiconductor industry and what the Pecan Street Project is doing for the smart grid.

Brigid will pursue federal grant money to build on existing disparate programs and draw on our high tech talent to create the best emergency preparedness program in the nation.

  • Travis County needs solutions that work across every platform—Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, text messaging, mobile phones, land lines, etc. With the help of to these high tech innovations, Brigid foresees a future where citizens receive universal code-red wildfire alerts that show them exactly where the fire is, and, if evacuation is recommended, the safest route out of the area.
  • Our tech entrepreneurs could build apps and communication highways and use technologies like infrared sensors and global positioning systems to provide real-time information to our first responders and people on the ground.

Most importantly this community preparedness initiative will be the difference between life and death of residents and emergency responders. In addition, this initiative will create jobs and business opportunities for firms who can deliver on innovative ideas. 

Travis County has all the talent and skill required to accomplish this goal. We just need a leader to take the initiative. Brigid is that leader.

Watch Bob Nicks, President of the Austin Firefighters Association explain why they have endorsed Brigid for Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 2.

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